Communities of Interest

Many people around the world have a shared interest which they discuss in blogs. A blog community is a great way to aggregate and connect such blogs – almost like a webring. A blog community of interest allows you to easily add existing blogs by integrating their RSS-feed as well as offering people the possibility to open new blogs when joining the community.

On display:

  • Blogkite
    The Blogkite community is centered on kite surfing and wind surfing. Fans of this sport are encouraged to share their blogs surrounding their passion for and experiences with the sport. BlogKITE’s portal homepage is packed with information, giving readers many options and a good overview of the community’s purpose. The community equally consists of blogs, hosted by other providers yet integrated through RSS subscriptions, and blogs hosted on the platform itself.
    The idea behind this community is to connect like-minded women in, as they say, a “rather ladylike place to blog”. Topics connecting these women include asking questions, getting answers, learning something about new friends, seeing movies, posting baby pictures, planning a wedding, etc. The essence is to give women a place to share their life with others. Marmablogs is a fully integrated part of the website
  • Platform27
    Platform27 is a group of bloggers that have jointly migrated from other services to form a new blog community. It is mainly comprised of bloggers who over time have become friends and blog companions and are now enjoying the extensive right management at 21Publish. This includes features such as the ability to easily invite co-authors, set up group blogs, or restrict visibility of entries to predefined reader groups.