21Publish offers a modular CMS with different extension modules and customization options.

  • Content Management System Solution

    Our CMS solution combines the ease-of-use of blogs with the sophisticated content control functionality offered by content management systems. The system provides different levels of content control by separating editorially managed sections and optional user-generated content ones. Members can be restricted to commenting only, or become part of an authoring process by giving them authoring rights within the editorial section.

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  • 21Publish Weblog Server

    The 21Publish Weblog Server is a modular blog-based content management system. Its core system sets up a central management console which does have certain services pages accessible to visitors, including activity lists and user directories of registered members. Online customization options enable the site administrator to decide whether and how other users may sign up for the service, and how content is controlled.

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  • Classroom Solution

    The Classroom Solution brings blogging functionality into classrooms. This solution offers all functionality contained in the Weblog Server and provides additional features specific to an educational environment. With wording specific to teachers and students, it is easy for them to get started with the platform. Additional content moderation workflows are available for covering workflows where teachers can return submitted materials by students if quality is insufficient.

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