About 21Publish

21Publish is a turnkey solution for creating your own private-labeled multi-user blogging community.


What is 21Publish?

21Publish provides products for the multi-user blogging and publishing needs of businesses, communities, clubs, schools & universities, and non-profit organizations. A unique, 2-layer system makes it easy to customize and manage a multi-user blog system with an unlimited number of members.

The 21Publish web-based service is designed to be simple and effective, yet an abundance of features gives users the means to customize their blog communities according to their needs in terms of community features, design, user functions, and privacy. The service provides a centralized hub from which to build, manage, and deploy both small and large networks of blogs. As an on-demand solution, you can easily scale the service according to your needs — 21Publish can grow with you from just a few blogs to many thousands of blogs.

21Publish was founded in 2004 and maintains operations in the United States and Europe serving customers like Bauer Consumer Media, Oxfam, Amnesty International, McGraw-Hill, and thousands of small- & medium-sized communities.