Content Management Solution

Use the 21Publish CMS Solution to manage your content effectively.

  • Product description

    The 21Publish CMS solution combines the ease-of-use of weblogs with the power of content management systems. This combinations allows you to set up multiple editorially controlled content sections that can easily be managed separately from standard users accounts and potential user-generated content. With each content vertical having separate control mechanisms, the entire platform does have additional management options such as a separate update list, authoring information, and many more. Standard users can apply for authorship within each vertical. Features provided by this solution:

    • Distinct editorially managed content channels
    • Advanced content moderation
    • Multi-level access control
    • Limited user blog functionality (e.g. commenting only)
    • Single-Sign-On option
    • User activity and update lists
    • Secure Java-based software design
    • State-of-the-art blogging features
    • Highly customizable read access options
    • Fully customizable
    • SEO-friendly URL scheme

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  • Use cases

    The 21Publish CMS solution is targeted at publishing companies to integrate user-generated content into your website. Sample scenarios include the following:

    • Magazine website: any media or publishing company website can easily be powered by our CMS solution. Have authors post to editorially controlled channels and control content throughout the site
    • User-generated content integration: enhance your website by offering user blogs. Have content moderated and incentivize users to participate.
    • Enterprise PR blogs: due to the separation into editorially controlled verticals and user blogs, you can integrate the editorial component as press section into your company website, and combine them with personal blogs for your employees. Easily separate content between those two areas yet keep the option to have them publish moderated content into the press verticals.

    Use cases are not limited to the examples above, especially since customization options and extension modules are available.

  • Technical requirements

    The 21Publish CMS Solution generally runs on any platform with Java 6 and with access to a MySQL database. For any installation, recommended sytem requirements are

    • Java 6+
    • MySQL 5.0+
    • Linux-based OS (e.g. Debian Squeeze)
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 500 MB diskspace
    • Apache reverse-proxy

    We recommend to use an Apache 2.2+ as reverse-proxy for performance and configuration reasons. While our server includes a built-in webserver capable of delivering all media types, a reverse proxy such as Apache or Nginx can speed up delivery of static files significantly. Furthermore, SSL options and various performance tweaks known to Apache can be applied. For the dynamic content, our internal webserver can be used, or a Jetty 7+-based engine instead.